Conversations is a series of short narrative studies and experiments often shot and edited in an afternoon. They are made to explore a specific aspect of filmmaking: an acting style, blocking, a color palate, etc. 

I make them so I can explore ideas between projects. 

They usually involve a written conversation (or treatment), minimal planning, and two actors. Most of the time it's just me behind the camera so please excuse any hiccups. 


Conversation: 001
Filmed on January 11th 2015. 
Location: Atwater Village, Los Angeles
Talent: Sarah Newby, Ryan Glenn
Notes: Watched Inherent Vice the night before.

Conversation: 002
Filmed on January 21st 2015
Location: Koreatown, Los Angeles
Talent: John Roney, Ryan Glenn
Notes: Natural performances with non-actors.

Conversation: 003
Filmed on February 18th 2015
Location: Highland Park, Los Angeles
Talent: Bilal Mir, Deborah Jensen
Notes: Grounding slightly absurd dialogue in reality.

Conversation: 004
Filmed on February 18th 2015
Location: Highland Park, Los Angeles
Talent: Bilal Mir, Deborah Jensen
Notes: Deborah had the idea of switching the gender roles of Conversation: 003.