We made this television commercial for very little money, because I really like the product. You upload a photo you want printed, they print it directly on glass and mount it to a backing so you can hang it directly on your wall with no frame. No lie—I have a few of these hanging in my home. Mostly self-nudes.

My friend Nic Harvard directed this one, and my other friend Ryan Glenn stars as the lovable Fracture collector with a very dark past.

I’m not saying you should order one or ten, but if you do, save 10% on your order with the discount code FRACTVIDEO. Go here to order:


This has been a slightly paid advertisement.

Alternative Names for the Dolly Zoom

  • Hitchcock shot” or “Vertigo shot
  • Triple Reverse Zoom
  • Reverse Tracking Shot
  • Back Zoom Travelling
  • Retrograde zoom
  • "Smash Zoom" or "Smash Shot"
  • Vertigo zoom
  • A “Jaws shot”
  • A “zido”
  • A “zolly”
  • Telescoping
  • Trombone shot
  • Push/pull
  • The Trombone Effect
  • A Stretch shot
  • Reverse Pull
  • More technically as forward zoom / reverse tracking or zoom in / dolly out
  • Trans-trav (in Romanian), from trans-focal length operation and travelling movement
  • Contra-zoom

First of all, I can do anything. Eventually. I’ve always been seduced by my aesthetic instincts. I’ve paid a heavy price in aggravation and cash to invent my aesthetic world. For example, it would be nice to have a big puffy down comforter on my bed. They’re so goddamned warm. And my NewYork apartment is so goddamned cold. However, they’re too fucking puffy. I made a beautiful iron bed frame. It has tiny pink roses painted on it. It’s very subtle, utilitarian. It requires a very flat, thin, gray, Amish blanket to have its full effect. So I freeze all night, but when I look at the bed during the day, it’s perfect.
— Vincent Gallo (via)

Brian Lopez - I Pray For Rain

This music video has been in the works for over a year now. We’ve had numerous setbacks, including some of the worst wildfires in Texas history, and now it’s finally done! Half the video was shot in the beautiful town of Marfa, TX and the interior scenes were shot in Tucson, AZ. We used 7Ds and relied heavily on street casting.

All my life I have hammered on the doors of the rooms in which he moves so naturally. Only a few times have I managed to creep inside.
— Bergman on Tarkovsky 

Tucson & Pray for Rain: Pt 2

I’m flying to Tucson on January 5th for two reasons. To bask in the desert sun and to wrap up a music video for Brain Lopez’s “I Pray for Rain”. The video has been in the works for over a year now. We’ve had numerous setbacks, including some of the worst wildfires in Texas history, but we have persevered.  

Half the video has already been shot in the beautiful town of Marfa, TX and the rest will be shot at a TBD location in Tucson, AZ. To finish this, we will need all the help we can get. We still have some pretty elaborate scenes to film which will need lots of actors/extras. So, if you are in Tucson and would like to contribute to our video, please contact me at: slimcinema@gmail.com 

The planned shooting dates are January 7th and 8th.