Good research on Rory's part:

In 1995, various residents were interviewed as to the validity of the tiger problem in Freedom Hills, Arizona. Here is what they told us:

"The tigers represent nothing more than an extension of our worst nightmares. They are not concrete, not abstract, but rather a thing, a construct in and of itself." - Ted Johnson, Age 57, Farmer.

"The tigers are a product of the air. They are not a wave, like sound or light, but rather something that exists, albeit questionably, in the air that is breathed in the aftermath of a great tragedy. They are a smell, like burnt toast when no toast has been cooked, that is inhaled and produces a distinctive psychological effect." - Mike Faraleigh, Age 41, Mayor of Freedom Hills.

"These beasts are very real, and they are coming. We must protect our families, if it means the extermination of our neighbors." - T. Harmingdale, 19, impressionable youth.


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