In defense of self-promotion

If we’re going to have an Individual Revolution — ie, if we accept that we can be successful without the help of powerful companies — how are we going to find out about each other?

The answer is self-promotion. Who can explain what makes me great with more enthusiasm and authenticity than myself? If I’m not paying my label to plaster my face on a billboard, can I be blamed for speaking boastfully on my little website? Is it so narcissistic to post the best photos of myself when I have the largest private collection of them in existence?

Many of us are afraid to talk about our achievements, even when neglecting to do so is dishonest. If you are special; ie, if you have personally done something great, by all means, bring it to my attention. You can rather safely assume that if you don’t, nobody will. And if they do, you won’t feel they did it justice. I’ve gotten quite a bit of press and never felt like it conveyed me properly.

Tomorrow I’m going to post, boastfully, about something that I god-damn earned with my own ingenuity.


 Well said.